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Cable Scarf Update

lavender scarf with braided cable

Here’s the latest photo of my Fancy Cabled Braided Scarf. Yes, it’s my own design, based on some common stitch patterns and modified to get a completely mirrored design on either side of the cable. Since the poncho is too big to be my take-along project, this one has taken its place; and I do enjoy working the cable and look forward to each time when it’s time to do a cable row. I think next time I modify this pattern, I will make it as a tubular scarf so I don’t have a reverse side. Boy, that would take a lot of yarn, haha!! But it would be sooooooo pretty!

A Great Big Book

Great Big Knits book cover

I just received this out of print book, “Great Big Knits” by Dawn French from an Amazon reseller, and I do love some of the cool design ideas. (Not to mention that I am a HUGE fan of both Dawn French and Lenny Henry!) Some of the sweaters are actually TOO BIG for me, but they give instructions in the book about how and where to reduce stitches to make the patterns a bit smaller. This book is definitely written with the “thinking knitter” in mind, but it definitely gives some great places to start when planning designs for fuller figures. I’m definitely feeling inspired.

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