…and a lot of other stuff, too!

  • Family Hat-along

    Oh I am so excited I could jump up and down! (If I could jump up and down, that is!) Today I would be pleased and oh so proud to share with you, THIS: My DD, age 12, saw me knitting with Noro Kureyon a couple of weeks ago and all of a sudden just…

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  • Knitty Linked to me!!

    I got a little surprise today!, in this issue’s Yosemite pattern, linked back to my tutorial on Magic Loop. How cool is that?? Many thanks to the pattern author. Unfortunately, the way I found out about it was that one of those knitting spam sites had confiscated the contents of this issue of Knitty,…

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  • Knitting Knews this week

    There’s a new knitting community for folks who enjoy the Magic Loop method of circular knitting. The group is called magic-loop and it’s being hosted on Yahoo. There was another group of a similar name, but the owner has gone AWOL and the current moderator is having a really hard time managing the group without…

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