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Embracing the Exhaustion

I hate Mondays.

No, really. I hate them. On the order of getting pre-Monday anxiety every Sunday night. And the Mondays that happen once every two weeks, those are the worst. It means more stress at the office, and no matter how fast I work, it never gets all done. And this Monday had the added bonus of starting my day explaining to my pharmacist that he should have conferred with my doctor or me before deciding that it was too soon to fill a prescription rather than trying to figure out for himself how much insulin I need.

It felt like I was on the phone and people were streaming in and out of my office constantly. I’m grateful for the leftovers that were left over from Sunday dinner. It’s rare when I do this but I’m already in my jammies for the night. I’m going to sit and NOT watch TV for a while, and maybe knit a few stitches and soak in the silence for a while.

Tomorrow is another day. But tonight, I’m turning off.

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