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Rockin’ the Dishcloth

Start of my little dishcloth
Start of my little dishcloth
I gotta make a dishcloth. I love these little babies in concept, really I do. I have tons of dishcloth cotton that would speak to my love of such things. But really? I don’t like them. Well, it’s not the dishcloth’s fault. It’s the yarn. I hate the yarn. I really do. it feels awful to knit and makes my arms and shoulders hurt. So why do I do it? Who wouldn’t love those COLORS? That’s why.

The pattern I’m using is a version of the famous Ballband Cloth, the Reversible Ballband Dishcloth (Ravelry link), by Elizabeth Warner of Gorlitsa Knits. It’s sorta reversible, as reversible patterns go, in that it has slipped stitches on both sides of the cloth. It’s sort of interesting. Next time, when I have a little more done, I’ll snap a photo of the back so you can see.

For now, though, I’m busy knitting. I’m trying to get this baby done by May 14. Wish me luck! Maryland Sheep and Wool is this weekend, so I kinda doubt that lots of actual knitting will get done that weekend. So, we’ll see… Wish me luck!

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