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Springtime at My House

Everything’s blooming at my house. Achoo! That means I’m sneezing a lot, but some things are worth it. We’ve been in this house 18 years, and we’re not exactly avid gardeners here, but luckily, the previous owners left their mark on us! I just had to snap a few photos today before blooming time is over:

After the blooming season we’ll hack down the pink azaleas so they can re-grow and we can shape them. For now, they just give our home that fabulous, Addams family touch!

For now, I’ll go back to sneezing, and enjoying the beauty… while it lasts.

One response to “Springtime at My House”

  1. Marty Avatar

    We aren’t even greening, let alone blooming! There has been so much snow people are really getting crabby! I think I’d take the hay fever instead.

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