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Day One: A Tale of Two Yarns


It’s Day One of Blog Week. Today’s topc? Yarn. I’m going to tell you about two yarns that I’ve gotten and attempted to knit the same project with them. Namely, the February Lady Sweater.

The first yarn I got for this project is TessYarns Raw Silk. I purchased it at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival several years ago. I got three HUGE skeins in a deep, navy blue:

TessYarns Raw Silk
TessYarns Raw Silk

Isn’t it pretty? I loved this yarn. It’s soft, and feels great in my hands as it is being knit. Which, unfortunately, doesn’t mean it’s a pleasure to knit with. I find it a little fussy and unforgiving. But it does make a beautiful fabric:

Raw Silk knitted up
Raw Silk knitted up

Still, I found it incredibly hard to work with. My first ball got all tangled up on itself inside and when I yanked on it at one point, three ends started coming out. Obviously, there’s a knot somewhere inside my giant yarn ball. I had someone working on it, but that was long ago and we gave up.

Also it was my first time doing buttonholes and they looked funny. Which wasn’t a reflection on the yarn as much as the knitter, but I think I will need to start this project from scratch and with another ball and then go back to my original yarn ball if and when I can get the knots out. Someday I will have my raw silk sweater. But, not just now.

Then I saw this other yarn on The Loopy Ewe website, and fell in love with it. It’s purple, of course:

Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Worsted, Purple Club
Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Worsted, Purple Club

I am finding this yarn dreamy to work with. It is wool, so very forgiving in the hands, and, did I mention it’s purple? That counts for a lot in my book.

Of course, I’m really bad at finishing anything. I’ve been working on it for more than a year, and it’s been on a serious break for about 6 months or more. I think I need to start working on it again if I am ever going to wear a February Lady. So, if this one is going so much better, why is it not done?

You know why? Because it’s not the yarn–it’s me. I’m bad at finishing anything. I think in all of 2010 I finished exactly one thing, and it was just a scarf. I’m coming to the realization that I like having knitting in my hands, love feeling yarn and playing with yarn, but I hate actually making things. Is that weird? I know that makes me a quintessential process knitter, but I’ve taken it to the extreme. And my own lack of stick-to-it-iveness has meant that I don’t have anything really to show for these two beautiful yarns. Except, I can tell you, they’re both wonderful.

Trust me on that. I guess maybe being beautiful is just enough for me. It doesn’t actually have to BE anything, except lovely to my eyes and soft in my hands.

3 responses to “Day One: A Tale of Two Yarns”

  1. katiemckinna Avatar

    Don’t you think sometimes yarn is actually nicer before it’s knitted? Its O.K. If you like to hold it and knit it an not really make anything. It’s your hobby after all.

  2. Dina Avatar

    I think we are very much alike in that respect: we enjoy the colors and textures of the yarn and playing with it but not necessarily ending up with something finished. Short attention spans? The desire to try something else? I often feel like once I’ve started something the mystery of it is over and I don’t need to continue. But that tendency of mine means it’s frustrating on those days when others show up at group with all their finished finery!

  3. mia Avatar

    Leave it skeined in baskets or lined up on the mantel, and instead of knitting with it just take it out and rub it on your face. If people can collect baseball cards or beanies or Precious Moments figurines, there’s no reason why you couldn’t collect yarn!

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