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Shawl Update

View of the back of the shawl
View of the back of the shawl
I’m excited to share with you yet another update of my shawl in progress. See? It’s starting to look like a shaw! Yay, me! I’m almost done with the second skein of my lightest color, and then I can move on to the next shade of lavender in the progression. I still have about 18 rows left in the current lace section, and I am thinking the color change will happen before I switch to the next lace pattern. Which, incidentally, I don’t know what that’s going to be yet. Nothing like making it up as I go, eh? I just hope that the thing will be wearable in the end. Haha!

Closeup of the lace pattern
Closeup of the lace pattern
And here’s a closer view of the lace pattern. It’s Gull Wing Lace, which is a traditional Dutch pattern that has been included in A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, by Barbara Walker. I like it because it’s a lace pattern I know and I don’t have to think about it, beyond counting to seven. Also? It’s easy for me to read, so easy for me to fix. Knowing how to fix it is important, because even with the familiarity I have with the stitch, the occasional missed yarnover or dropped stitch does happen. And so, I can fix this one pretty easily by now.

I don’t know that there is another lace pattern that I know so well, so the final section and the border are going to be a challenge. Hopefully, by the time I get there, I’ll be up for it.

Wish me luck!

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