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Book Review: Knit This Doll

I just received the book, “Knit This Doll!: A Step-by-Step Guide to Knitting Your Own Customizable Amigurumi Doll” after waiting almost 6 months for the publication date. I love dolls! And I was intrigued by what this book would have to offer. After paging through the whole book I can say that I think I’m really going to like it!

The book starts with the basic formula for making the dolls. It talks about yarn choices, and other materials needed. After giving you the basic layout of how to knit a doll, the majority of the book goes into how to knit the numerous variations that will create the various parts, including feet and legs (or shoe and pants style), numerous clothing and sweater/body styles, and tips for doing various hairstyles and facial expressions, using a variety of materials. Overall these seem like quick little knits, perfect for using up small bits of yarn, odd little buttons and various other things.

The book takes a mix-and-match approach to body parts, clothing styles, and accessories, such that the design possibilities are practically endless. The book even includes such details as whether or not to knit individual fingers, separate clothing pieces, and a variety of shapes that could easily turn your doll into an animal, or even a mermaid.

Me? I’d probably be interested in creating knitted amigurumi dolls of people I know. I’d probably start with someone wearing purple sneakers, a long denim skirt, a hoodie, and purple bangs sticking out from under a rasta hat.

Hmmm… I wonder if that sounds like anybody I know?

I almost can’t wait to start, except there’s this shawl… back to that–tomorrow.

3 responses to “Book Review: Knit This Doll”

  1. Lynnette (from Ravelry) Avatar

    Self-portrait dolls are a fun idea, but it’s also fun to make dolls based on your favorite TV or movie characters.

  2. Maggie Avatar

    Now I want that book! Curses. I can’t afford to spend more money on knitting books. I have too many already.

  3. Kaessa Avatar

    Oh my… I have a couple of newly-acquired step-granddaughters that I think these would be perfect for! This is going on my wishlist. 😀

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