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Amazing Knitting Day

If I merely said today was an amazing day, I would be making the understatement of the year.

Today, at long last, was my knitting class with Lucy Neatby. Of course, we had to get a photo together with our wild and wonderful hair!

Lucy Neatby and Trish are kindred spirits of the hair
Lucy Neatby and Trish are kindred spirits of the hair

I have never taken a knitting class before. And last night, I was telling my husband that taking a first knitting class with the likes of Lucy Neatby might be like saying, “I’d like to learn to cook. Maybe I’ll go take a class from Julia Child.” Well, except that Julia’s no longer with us, but you know what I mean.

Lucy signed my copy her sock knitting DVD
Lucy signed my copy her sock knitting DVD
The subject of the class? Cool Socks. And you’ve heard me say it many times on this blog–I am a confirmed Not-Sock-Knitter. I like to know HOW to knit socks, though, because I teach Magic Loop and most people who want to learn Magic Loop do so because they want to do socks. So, it is a good knitting skillset to know. But you know what I learned today?? SOCKS are COOL! And there are so many things that can be done to make them easier to do, or more interesting to knit, and unique and beautiful.

I learned Channel Island cast on, ME! A decorative cast on! And the amazing short row, garter stitch heel, in which you wrap the stitches to close the gaps but don’t need to pick up and knit the wraps because the garter stitch envelops them. I did a provisional cast on with a crochet hook around a knitting needle, and learned the mechanics of an afterthought heel. And then?? She showed us a really easy way to do grafting. Not that I am one of the people who thinks kitchener stitch is hard. I actually think it’s cool! But lots of people don’t like traditional kitchener stitch, and I had no idea that there was more than one way to do it. WHO KNEW?

I’ve never learned so much about knitting and the mechanics of stitches all at once, in one day. I never knew that knitting could be exhausting. I usually only knit for short spurts so this was a challenge for me. But, I’m so glad I did it! I attended class with Tammy from Knit Group and being there with a friend made it so much fun! I’m so glad Tammy was there and it seemed like she really enjoyed the class as well.

The class was held at an Italian restaurant in the same strip mall as the sponsoring yarn shop, and it was a great place to have a class! Lunch was included, and it was a simple grilled chicken garden salad but it was so flavorful! And the bread? It was fresh and piping hot from the oven. After class the yarn shop owner opened the shop for class participants, and gave us a yarn discount, too! I thought I had died and gone to heaven. When I went in there I felt instantly as if it was the sort of yarn shop that local yarn shops are supposed to be. It was crowded and hard for me to get around, but that’s usual for most yarn shops. But the selection? I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much pretty all in one place. At least not in this area, other than the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, of course. And there were so many samples hanging in the shop! So much to see. I wish I lived closer!

Of course, some yarn followed me home. (How does this happen?)

Koigu, in five shades of purple for a shawl
Koigu, in five shades of purple for a shawl
Some Noro, for a sparkly scarf
Some Noro, for a sparkly scarf

Today would not have been possible without the help of my loving husband. As fate would have it, this once-in-a-lifetime knitting opportunity fell upon the occasion of our 18th wedding anniversary. And he got up with me, before dawn, on a Sunday, and drove me an hour each way (that was a total of four hours in the car for him!) so I could spend the day knitting with one of my knitting heroes. Folks, THAT’s love, I am sure of it, and I celebrate this day with all my heart has to offer.

After the knitting and the shopping were done, My husband and I actually went back to the Italian restaurant where I had just spent my day and had a heavenly, delicious dinner. The waitress asked us where we were from and I mentioned that it was our anniversary. We decided to order dessert (a delectable flourless chocolate cake and a scoop of cinnamon gelato) and when it arrived we were informed that another couple across from us had purchased our dessert! They said that they themselves are getting married later in the week and so they wanted to hope for themselves 18 happy years. How sweet was that? So thank you, Howard and Sheila… your kindness on our special day will not be forgotten.

And so I have written this post until such time that it is no longer really our anniversary. Even so, the memories of this wonderful day will last a long time. I had such a great time, and can’t wait to be a sock knitter for real. I think I’ve been pushed over the edge.

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  1. Dina Avatar

    What a wonderful post. So glad you and Tammy had a great time. But I knew you would – how could you not with Lucy Neatby?

  2. Tabitha the KnittingJourneyman Avatar

    Oh, I am so jealous. I love Lucy Neatby–her dvds are so amazing and helpful. She has been such an inspiration and a positive influence on my knitting and I haven’t ever met her–except through her dvds and her books.
    It sounds like so much fun! Thank you for sharing your experience…

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