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Sock beginnings
Sock beginnings
In two weeks, I’m taking a sock class. With Lucy Neatby. THE Lucy Neatby. I have a lot of her DVDs and I adore them. The class is a sock techniques class. I’m not much of a sock knitter, really… but of the subjects that were available that she was teaching that weekend, the sock class appealed to me most.

The only prerequisite for the class, really, is knowing how to knit a sock. This I can say that I know, despite the fact that I am not a sock knitter. I have done one pair of socks completed, just so I could learn how to do them, but it was several years ago. I have started several others since then, but have always lost interest. And I have no idea why. Truly I have always wanted to be interested, and I am hoping that this class will give me enough tricks up my sleeve to hold my interest as a future sock knitter.

So, I’m practicing. I am knitting a funky rainbow-striped sock, just a plain sock, toe-up with a short row heel. This is how I like them. I remember ordering the yarn from Scotland several years ago after seeing the yarn on the Yarn Harlot’s blog. (There is actually a phenomena known as the “Harlot Effect” where if she mentions a yarn or a project on her blog it causes a run on that item. I don’t usually fall for it, but this one time, I did. I love me some rainbows!) It’s Regia Nation Color, #5399.

One thing I’ve always wondered is how to figure out how many stitches to wrap when doing a short row heel. Then, yesterday, I found this handy-dandy worksheet:

Short Row Heel Formula by Terry Ross

I’ve added it to my links page so I’ll always have it handy. Something tells me I will refer to it often!

I adore this yarn, and it appears that it may be discontinued, so cross your fingers for me that I actually decide to finish these socks! I’d like to have one mostly done before class in two weeks so my sock issues will be fresh in my mind. Plus, I’ve always just wanted a pair of funky, rainbow-y socks. Why hasn’t that been enough motivation to knit them before?

I hope a change is afoot.

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  1. Wannietta Avatar

    It’s a good start!!!

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