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The Sock Box Rocks!

Toe Up Socks in a Box
Toe Up Socks in a Box
Today I received something in the mail that I think is so cool, that now I wish all knitting books would be that way. It’s the hot-off-the-press, “Toe-Up Socks in a Box: Essential Sock Techniques and 20 Toe-Up Patterns from Wendy Knits”. I’m already in love.

Yeah, ok… it seems like a rehashing of Wendy’s popular book, “Socks from the Toe Up: Essential Techniques and Patterns from Wendy Knits,” but the format is ingenious! It’s a box of index cards, with a card for each pattern, and tips for things like heels on one, and toes on another, etc. I think this solves the one thing I hate about knitting books… lugging them around. Now all the patterns are on individual cards and they’re so easy to throw in the knitting bag and don’t weigh it down. This is especially important for sock knitters, who, as knitters go, travel light. They know that one of the major attractions to sock knitting is that socks are small and can be worked on anywhere, and packed in almost anything without taking up any major amount of space. Knitting books, by their very nature, cancel out this benefit, unless you have access to a personal copier and remember to copy all your patterns before you leave the house. (My office would frown on me using their copier to make copies of my knitting patterns for sure.)

So, this is great! I am certain that when I become a sock knitter (and, I have a feeling that I am now on my way), I’ll turn to these patterns often, just because it’s been made so easy for me to do so. I already own the book, but these patterns in this little box are the ones that I’m sure will get the most use.

I wish more patterns would come this way! If you like Wendy’s socks, you might want to give these cards a try. And then hop on over to Wendy’s Blog and tell her how much you like them. I’m headed there now. 🙂

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