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Sultry Summer Evening

Wow, has it been two weeks already? Where have I been?

I’ve been knitting a lot. On the stealth project known only as “E.B.” Here’s a stealthy photo:

"E.B." in progress

I’ve been knitting on this thing like crazy, and I’ve made steady progress, but it’s slow. Really slow. Something tells me it will be a while before the intended recipient of this gift will actually see it. Which, is why, in a way, I tackle such large projects when I set my mind to do a gift. It is, at least, the sort of gift that doesn’t have an expiration date, just in case it really does take me forever to finish it.

I’m almost done with the first white band and hope to finally be starting the color pattern before the end of the weekend. Nothing fancy, since there’s already a textured pattern going on, but just some really wide stripes.

Tonight we went to the pool with one kid in tow and I got to sit and relax, and knit. The boy child has mastered the high dive this summer, and I’ve been promising him I’d shoot him in action, so here goes:

And here’s a couple of flower shots:

white flowers
white flowers
pink flowers
pink flowers

I’m still really loving my new camera.

I’m itching to write lately. I’ve had a story dancing around in my head for years. I’m thinking I’m going to take the next step and do an outline. And then this winter, I’m going to write it. Stephanie Meyer once said on Oprah that she started writing the Twilight series in chapter 12 of the first book. I’m in the same sort of situation in that the characters I’ve been dreaming of have quite an intense scene that plays out somewhere in the middle, but I’m not quite sure how the story starts or ends. This should be interesting… wish me luck! It’s been a long time since I’ve attempted some serious writing.

School starts in two weeks. I’m not ready for the summer to be over. But please, don’t tell my kids. It’ll be our little secret. Knit group is tomorrow and if I don’t go to bed now I’ll be falling asleep in my tea again. Wait, it is tomorrow already. Uh, oh. I’m in trouble. Until next time…

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