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A Box Full O’ Pretty

Yesterday, I was excited to receive a box full of new yarns from Knit Picks!

When Stroll Tonals became available last week, I had to order some! Now, I know y’all have heard me say that I am NOT a sock knitter. But, how could I not love this yarn? For me, it’s all about the colors. In fact, I loved the colors so much that I had a bit of trouble narrowing down my color selections. So, I got eight hanks. That sounds like a lot, but I have plans for them.

Stroll Tonals in blues and purples
Stroll Tonals in blues and purples

Left to right are Royalty, Blue Violet, Blue Yonder, and Deep Waters.

Stroll Tonals, in bright, springy colors
Stroll Tonals, in bright, springy colors

Left to right are Summer Blooms, Queen Anne, Golden Glow, and Springtime.

So, what’s a not-sock-knitter supposed to do with such lovely sock yarns? Well. for starters I’m thinking of a couple of really adorable baby sets, with sweaters, hats,and yes, matching socks. I still have to do some sketching and planning, but I’m seeing a couple of things in my head right now that I think would make really cute baby sets.

Then, you know what else I’m thinking? Socks. Yep… socks. Soft and squishy socks with lovely contrasting heels and toes. Maybe even socks for me. How about that?

If I didn’t have a sweater to finish first, I’d start now. I love this yarn. It’s so… pretty.

Thanks, Knit Picks. You got me. Again.

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  1. Holly Avatar

    baby sets. Perhaps mitered baby sets…..

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