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My Mailbox Runneth Over!

Today was a good mailbox day. A really good one.

Today I got this in the mail:

Knit Picks New Traditions Afghan Kit
Knit Picks New Traditions Afghan Kit

It’s the New Traditions Afghan Kit by Knit Picks. I saw this on their website for the first time last week, and I knew immediately that I must have one. The bright colors are certainly a huge attraction. But, what really got me was the quilt design, knit modularly, in what looks like all garter stitch. (I haven’t yet taken the pattern out of the bag for wanting to keep the yarn all together.) Once I get the technique down, can you IMAGINE the creative possibilities, and all of the quilting designs? I am practically glowing from excitement at the thought of it all!

The other thing that came in the mail was this:

Fall 1997 Interweave Knits
Fall 1997 Interweave Knits
This is the Fall 1997 issue of Interweave Knits magazine. It’s a very early issue. Thumbing through the pages I quickly realized that one of two things must be true: either it’s that truly classic, beautiful designs never really go out of style, or perhaps I am hopelessly behind the times and unfashionable. This fabulous issue contains a top-down Aran by Beth Brown-Reinsel, with not only a pattern, but also a detailed article about its construction. And there’s the article about Alice Starmore, and a pattern by Alice Starmore. Cool!

Those of you who have been knitting forever might already have this magazine in the rack on your shelf, and you’re probably chuckling at my glee. Or, maybe you’re quietly nodding, because you totally get it. You understand. Either way, this magazine is a treasure to me. And, out of style or not, I don’t care. I’m going to get up the guts and knit something from this puppy.


5 responses to “My Mailbox Runneth Over!”

  1. Jen Avatar

    I love those kinds of mailbox days!

  2. Lori Avatar

    Now that is an amazing kit! And I totally get why you’d order that IK!

  3. Marty Avatar

    Yum! All that beautiful yarn makes me drool!

  4. Holly Avatar

    Oh, you are tempting me so much. I have a couple other kits from them and have always found the directions to be terrific.

    Do I dare ask them about alternative colorways?

  5. Deb Avatar

    Oh Trish…I almost fell to temptation for that afghan kit! What a great color combination & design. I can’t wait to see yours. Please be sure to share about your progress & experiences with it.

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