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Ode to a Missed Deadline

Ok, I’ll ‘fess up.

I missed my Christmas knitting deadline.

Elf hat in progress
Elf hat in progress

Thank goodness it wasn’t a gift, but I was hoping to be able to wear my funky elf hat in Christmas morning photos. The same thing happened to me the last time I knit this pattern. I should know that starting this pattern in November just isn’t enough time, at least not at the Holiday Season. I mean, with everything that goes on at this time of year, there were days when I never even knit at all.

And this is why I don’t knit occasion gifts. I never make my knitting deadlines. So, I’ve for the most part decided just to never have any.

The thing is, I’ve started the decreases now, so soon enough the rounds on this hat will begin to go quickly. So will I wait til next Christmas to wear this hat? No way! Let everyone think I’m crazy when I show up wearing it when it’s done. (I was thinking of attaching jingle bells on the pointy end of the hat… maybe I’ll wait til Christmas for that part…) My coworkers already know that I’m weird, what with the other Santa hat and my eyeball scarf. So this one won’t be hard to wear to work, for sure. Except that it clashes with my purple coat. Oh well…

The weather has been really cold here! Ok, so we’re not below zero like a lot of folks in some parts of the country, but our area has relatively mild winters and it’s cold here! Our old drafty house isn’t helping. almost think I can feel the wind coming right through the walls sometimes. Yesterday was everyone’s first day back to school and work after the holidays, and even though the weatherman swears to me that the days are getting longer now, I don’t believe it. Not even the sun wanted to get out of bed yesterday morning. It’s supposed to get colder before we see normal winter weather again. I can definitely say I’m not looking forward to the rest of this week.

One thing I’d like to share before I go… my favorite Christmas gift. The kids went on a cruise with my in-laws this summer, and they had a photo taken while they were gone:

New photo of brother and sister
New photo of brother and sister

I love this photo. It’s on my mantle, on my computer wallpaper, and now on my blog. Now I can look at it anytime. I’m such a proud mama.


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  1. Marty Avatar

    My cousin lives in Baltimore and she is freezing her knickers off! She grew up in Montana and says she doesn’t care, she never got used to the cold, and doesn’t want to start now. It’s cold here, with a nasty snowstorm-we almost went in the ditch tonight-but warmer weather is coming later this week-I hope.

    One of my New Year’s resolutions is to dig out an unfinished project and turn it into a finished one. Might take me more than one year. I understand about deadlines-I made hats for the DILs for Christmas with the promise of mittens. They know me and are being patient.

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