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A Day of Beauty

Wow… what a difference a little sun can make. The sky was a cloudless bright blue today and the weather was warm. I think I feel better today than I’ve felt all week. I hope I can somehow squeak in a couple more days like this one before Fall gets here in earnest.

It started with a yummy dish of Shrimp Alfredo (The Lean Cuisine variety.) After weeks of eating beefaroni from a can and other less than wonderful things, it was good to eat something at least somewhat tasty for a change. Then I went off for a long-overdue haircut. The stylist was running late, but my mom and daughter and I made the most of our unplanned half hour and headed for the Merle Norman store. We went to buy some concealer and face powder for the daughter (Tuesday is school picture day), but I wound up with some eye shadow and blush for myself. How’d that happen? I rarely wear makeup.

The haircut was great! Except when the chick did up my hair with product, it looked a bit like Kate Gosselin, which all at once scared me a little, and made me say, “Oooooh that’s cute!” But we’ll see how I do it when I have to rely on my own hair styling skills tomorrow.

Then it was off to Hecht’s. (Oops, I mean Macy’s; old habits die hard.) The daughter needed a top or a dress or something to wear for the picture. I’ve gotten off easy for the school pictures thus far because they wear uniforms, but because she’s in 8th grade this year, she can wear what she wants. Anything, apparently, as long as it’s black. Her taste, not mine, but she did pick a cute top to go with some pants she already has, and a dress. I guess she’ll decide what to wear on Tuesday morning. So, it was a successful shopping trip.

I then went to the makeup counters at Macy’s, intent on completing my face. At the end of the day, I had all of this:

Eyeshadows, blush, foundation powder, and lip glosses
Eyeshadows, blush, foundation powder, and lip glosses

Hey, when I go after makeup, I tend to get a whole face full all at once. It’s not the cheapest way to go, but it makes me feel good to start fresh every so often.

So, look for me tomorrow, all prettied up with cute (yet scary), Kate Gosselin hair. And I’ll be smiling. Hey, the sun’s out.

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2 responses to “A Day of Beauty”

  1. Nancy McCarroll Avatar

    Isn’t it grand having a shopping day? Hope you enjoyed it and know you look Fabulous!

  2. Marty Avatar

    I do the same thing here-our Macy’s was originally the Bon Marche’. I miss that store!

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