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Who Knits in August, Anyway?

The answer is: Lots of people!

Today was the August meeting of our Bowie Knitter’s Group, and we had lots of fun and several new folks visit us today. Below are my photos from today. As always, click to make with the bigger:

We welcomed some new folks this month, and we hope they enjoyed their visit with us! Jennifer, Olivia and Sylvia came for the first time. I hope they had fun and will come back again!

We also had three or four visitors from inside the store who spied our knitting group and will be joining us in the future. How fun!

Knit group was varied and really fun today with so many people working on so many cool projects to talk about. I had kind of a sleepy day today and had a bit of trouble staying focused on my scarf. I had a long nap this evening though, which explains why I’m up late at night updating the blog!

Dina from knit group asked me to post new photos of the den, now that I’ve got all the pictures up. I’ll do that tomorrow. The kids have been home from vacation for a week now and so far, no one has dared to mess up this room. That’s a really good thing.

Next meetup is September 12, due to the Labor Day holiday. Can’t wait already. Goodnight for now!

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