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We Now Return to Our Regular Blogging…

I’ve got no excuses really… there just hasn’t been much to blog about lately and I haven’t felt like doing it. Except for last weekend’s knit group, which was really a lot of fun! I’ve been late in sharing those photos, so here we go, As usual, click the thumbnails to make with the bigger and read details:

It was a great day where we welcomed a couple of new members… Bernida and Kristin. I hope you guys had fun, and we hope to see you again next time!

Wanda had to take a trip to the frog pond because the sweater she was making was just too big for her skinny self. She tried to pout for her photo to express her lack of glee over ripping back, but if you know Wanda, you know it’s hard for her to turn that big smile of hers upside down!

Marie as usual was eager to help folks out of their knitting trouble spots. Trish was learning to purl and Kristin had been having trouble with a pattern and Marie helped her figure it out.

Tammie made an adorable little bag for her granddaughter, which wasn’t supposed to be quite so little, but can you say SUPER-felted?? She even felted her granddaughter’s name onto the bag. I’ll have to ask her about her technique. It looks perfect.

Yvonne modeled the sweater she made for her sister, and confessed that she’d probably wear it once before sending it off. I don’t blame her; it looks great!

I love our little group (which is getting less little every time) and how everyone is such great friends. It’s only been a week and I can’t wait for next month already.

I’ve had a crazy week. The kids got off to Florida yesterday after a week that included much packing. (WAY too much packing, according to Grandpa.) The hubster and I are tackling a project to reorganize our den/family room while the kids are gone, and trying to enjoy some alone time. So far, it’s mostly just quiet around here; the cats don’t even know what to do.

I’m documenting our progress in the den for a full confessional — from clutterville to calm. Look for that in about a week when it’s all done. Today we had a professional organizer come and help us sort through everything and pack up to get it out of here. Custom shelves come on Monday. I even found places for all of my yarn. It’s all good. Yessssss…..

Tomorrow? Date night. Hubster is taking me to see Harry Potter as a belated birthday present. Can’t wait.

Ciao for now…

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  1. Holly Avatar

    Trish –

    I love what you have done with your blog, style and all. Esp the flow with the pix.

    I think I need to steal your code!

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