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As If…

Well, here it is, the Friday before the Sunday that I’m going to see my friend Jen for the first time in four years. I’m excited! We have lots of catching up to do. A couple of weeks ago, as I was staring at a ball of hot pink sock yarn on my ball winder, I immediately thought of her. She loves Hello Kitty and and all things hot pink, so this scarf was just the thing:

pink scarf in progress
pink scarf in progress

Except, what was I thinking? Of course, there’s no way I could have gotten it done in time. In fact, I’m not sure how people can get a whole scarf done in a few days or a week. On average, a single scarf takes me about a month, a pair of socks can take about two months, and even a simple felted hat takes me about three weeks. Clearly, this was not going to happen. But hey, I tried.

There’s going to be plenty of knitting time this weekend, though. Our pool opens for the season, which is prime knitting time for me. Plus tomorrow night is the Washington Nationals Stitch n’ Pitch, where I’ll be in good company with hundreds of yarny friends. If you’re coming to the game, look for the goofy lady in a wheelchair with spiky hair, knitting furiously away on a hot pink scarf. That would be me.

Oh well, that’s tomorrow! For now, it’s another day at work. I’m chanting already: Come on, 5 o’clock! See ya!

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2 responses to “As If…”

  1. Jen Avatar

    Have fun at the game! I was following the thread on Ravelry hoping you’d be able to get tickets, and was happy to see you had. 🙂 My local guild is setting up a Stitch ‘n Pitch with our minor league team, but unfortunately it’ll be in August, after we leave…and we don’t leave for DC for a month, so we’ll miss the one up there too!

  2. Andrea Avatar

    I LOVE your hot pink scarf. I am a breast cancer survivor and would love to knit one up for me and my other survivor friends. Would you be willing to share the pattern with me?
    Have fun with your friend Jen. I’m sure she will LOVE her scarf, too!
    KnitAweigh (Ravelry)

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