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It’s Been a Year!

It just now occurred to me that it’s now been a year since our very first Bowie Borders knit group meeting. A whole year! We’ve grown a lot and are going strong. I am so happy to have some time with my knitterly peeps once in a while, and am so grateful to all the ladies that have helped make the group a success.

I’ve been remiss in posting the photos from last Saturday’s meeting. So, at long last, here is this month’s gallery:

Trish 3 is a newcomer, and we were so glad to meet her! She was working on a lovely vintage pattern for a lacy top that made me want to DROOL!

Sue (I am SO sorry if I messed up your name!) is making beautiful crocheted squares in different sizes for an afghan.

And Wanda? I’m sorry I can’t remember what you’re working on in this photo but I’m so glad to see such a big smile on your face at your first group meeting! I hope this means you’ll be back again!

Not pictured were Melodye and Carla, who somehow managed to sneak away before I got the camera out. Melodye showed us her completed Cobblestone Pullover, which was gor-GEOUS!

I guess I wasn’t too quick with the camera because I was working on casting on for my first sweater:

swatch for February Lady Sweater with cast on beginnings of sweater
swatch for February Lady Sweater with cast on beginnings of sweater

I’ve already encountered knots in my yarn and I’m barely past the first buttonhole. I had to cut the yarn and rejoin already. I hope this isn’t a bad sign of what’s ahead… I’ve had my fill of knotty yarn for awhile.

Next group meeting is April 4! Hope to see everyone there.

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One response to “It’s Been a Year!”

  1. Marty Avatar

    I still wish I could join your group, but that would involve a cross-country flight every week. I’ll just have to find a group here. I am going to start a February Lady too, soon! I just have to figure out what yarn to use, and I don’t like the sleeves, so I’ll probably have to put some thought into the redesign of the them.

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