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Ringing In the New Year… With a Thud

And here I thought I was going to have to write this blog post the old fashioned way, with pen and paper. We left work early today, only to get home and discover that a wind storm had knocked our power out. Oh, man! No lights? No Dick Clark? What were we going to do?

I was disappointed but half of me was secretly grateful for an excuse to go to bed early. Then, the lights came back on about an hour ago, and it was all systems go for our usual wild night of eating too many potato chips, watching the ball drop, and drinking a sinful glass of sparking grape juice. That’s right, no one can say we don’t know how to live it up around here.

I always get mushy every year as the old year passes and the new one unfolds at my feet. 2009 holds a lot of promise for me and I honestly can’t wait to see it all happen. I’m not a believer really in resolutions, because they are a test of willpower that no one ever seems to have, and usually a source of major disappointment in oneself so early in the year. But this year, I really do need to pay attention to my health. I need to find a way to eat healthier, sleep better and move more — three things that I’ve had lots of trouble with in 2008.

Of course, sitting in front of the TV til past midnight with a bowl of onion dip probably isn’t a good start. But hey, I have carrot and celery sticks to go with the potato chips. Baby Steps.

Happy New Year! Stay safe, be happy, and I hope you’re sharing this night with people you love. Peace to you for 2009, and I’ll see you on the other side of midnight.

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