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Aunt Honey’s Old Reliable

Morning came too early today.

Not even the sound blocking earbuds that cost me a hundred dollars could save me from the snore monster today. At 7:19 when I emerged to the kitchen to find something to occupy myself in a sleeping house, the sky was still nearly pitch black. Oh joy. Another cloudy day.

So it’s been a couple of days since I’ve made time for the knitting. I decided now would be as good a time as any to get it out, what with no extraneous interruptions. That’s a rare thing around here.

I’ve been working on a hat for my daughter for what seems like forever. A couple of weeks ago, I dropped some stitches in the ribbing and did a fairly lousy job of picking them back up. And it’s been bugging me. So I used my quiet time this morning to ladder the ribbing back down and fix it:

closeup of crochet hook on hat ribbing
closeup of crochet hook on hat ribbing

So I pulled out Aunt Honey’s red steel crochet hook and threw confidence to the wind and laddered down. Aunt Honey was my husband’s great aunt, and she was quite the crocheter in her day. When my inlaws were going through her belongings years ago, they brought me all of her crafting supplies, figuring I’d know what to do with them best. There were all manner of dime store variety crochet hooks in just about every color and size, and some sewing needles and embroidery needles, and a bunch of teeny tiny steel crochet hooks for lace. But I keep going back to the red one. It’s my favorite size for fixing mistakes in my knitting, and I am rarely without it. As you can see, it did a fairly good job of re-knitting my columns of ribbing. Even I can almost not tell where the mistake was before.

I used to crochet, but can’t anymore because it hurts my hands. But, I hold on to this collection of hooks for sentiment’s sake, hoping against hope that maybe someday I can once again pick up the hook without pain. I miss making all kinds of shell stitches. Knitted feather and fan doesn’t quite cut it and I can’t quite make it give me the same satisfaction.

Ah well, the house is no longer quiet and I guess I’d best be going if I’m ever going to get anything done today. Off to the showers, and then maybe Starbucks.

What’s this?

sun peeking through the clouds
sun peeking through the clouds

A hint of sun! Maybe there’s hope for this day yet.
Listen to this article
Listen to this article

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