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When the Mooooooon Is in the Seventh House… And Jupiter aligns with….


Tonight as we were picking up the kids from school, we noticed bright lights in the sky, near the moon. On the car radio, we quickly learned that for at least a couple hours this evening, Jupiter and Venus would be visible next to the moon. None of us in this house had ever seen anything like it, so we all agreed this must be something special. My camera doesn’t know how to focus on objects that twinkle in the sky, but the video function did much better. My DH was able to capture this quick little clip so we’ll always remember what we saw.

Not much knitting today. I got a couple more rows done on Diana’s hat. Hopefully tomorrow morning before I start telecommuting I can knock out the rest of the body and start the ribbing. I can’t wait!

It’s a typical Monday after a holiday around here. Which means the little one is a homework refusnik and the older one called in the afternoon, complaining of a “headache” and wondering if we could pick her up early. Nope, kid, go back to class. Ugh. Better sign off for now and reel the little one back in. Wish me luck, and hopefully there will be a knitting update tomorrow.


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Listen to this article

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