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Cantaloupe Hat?

top of hat in progress with orange and green colors
top of hat in progress with orange and green colors

Sometimes I think you just never know what you’re gonna end up with when you knit with Noro Kureyon yarn. I started my do-over of the top down, no swatch hat, and I’m using a different rainbow-y colorway. Well, wouldn’t you know, the oranges came out first, followed by the greens. Someone in the Noro dyeing department must have some kind of sense of humor, because now I know that I will be forever wearing the Cantaloupe Hat.

Lucky me.

In other knitting disaster news, my terminally pissed off 16-year-old grump cat PEED in the middle of my dining room table yesterday. What was in the middle of the dining room table, you ask? A pile of papers that I was dreading going through anyway, and the Ravelry Tote containing the BROWN RIPPLE AFGHAN! AAAARRRRRGH! By some amount of good grace only the bag itself got wet (and a ball of yarn that was in the very bottom soaked up the rest) and NONE of the offense wound up on the blanket itself.

Before you go on wondering what in the heck I’m doing to my cat, or what might be wrong with her that she would do such a thing, let me say right off that she’s been to the vet LOTS and we can’t find anything medically wrong with her. She’s just mad at me for I don’t know what reason. She is anxiety prone and it is getting worse in her old age. And for the life of me, we’re trying to figure out what is setting her off. And we can’t. We’ve tried pheremone spray and anti anxiety meds. I don’t know if she’s having a territorial squabble with the other cat, or if something in the laundry room where her litterbox has always been is now scaring her. I’m going to have to try another litter pan, but that means putting it out in the open where company can see. My house is a completely open floorplan except for the bedrooms, which the cat is not allowed in because peeing in our beds is definitely a deal breaker for us.

We’ve had this cat since she was about 6 weeks old. On the very first night, she snuggled up in our bed with us to go to sleep. In the middle of the night we were awakened by a really foul smell, and the sight of our teeny kitten dragging our blankets with all her might so she could cover up the poop she just made. I should have known then that someday the litterbox thing might come back to haunt us.

Zoe the Cat
Zoe the Cat
Sorry for the kitty potty talk! I’m sure Miss Zoe would really love it that I am discussing her personal business with you. But hey. I’m at my wits end here. Cut me some slack, cat.

2 responses to “Cantaloupe Hat?”

  1. Harriet Avatar

    Trish, when my cats are displaying bad toilet manners, I look at two things: Urinary track problems (which I’m sure you have had checked out) and emotional issues. With us, it’s always been emotional issues.

    My cats get “pissed off” for the following reasons:
    1. I leave the house too often and for too long. They can’t, why should I?
    2. When I come home I don’t immediately drop everything to give them a “big hello”.
    3. the litterbox isn’t up to “their” standards. They’re both pretty finicky. They only like one brand of hard scooping litter, and it must be scooped daily. Fresh litter must be sifted on top of any remaining litter.

    I tried changing litter recently, and they both peed down the side of the box. If ever it goes more than a day between scooping, my calico will find something to drag on top of it (bathmat, towel, blanket, sweatshirt) to cover.

    Sometimes they just want me to pay more attention to them than I have been, because I’ve been busy doing the things that I do to pay the bills, buy the kat food, etc.

    Hang in, I’m sure you’ll get it figured out.

    BTW, White vinegar does a wonderful job of getting cat pee smell our of everything. Trick from my vet!

  2. Lee Avatar

    I am delighted to have added you to my friends list and after reading your blog, I am delighted to also find a crafter with “pissy” cats. I have 4, neither of the girls will even attempt to use the litter box. I can have fresh litter in the box and they still “go” just outside of it. I think perhaps it may have tipped over on them as they are the fattest cats I have EVER had. I have had a feline dominant house for 27 years. I can also say that I like your political tilt.
    Looking forward to your friendship

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