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FO Report: Almost February Baby Sweater

baby sweater completed
baby sweater completed

Project Name: Almost February Baby Sweater
Source: Knitter’s Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Yarn Used: Lisa Souza Sock! Merino, Spumoni
Needle Size: 2.25 mm
Date Started: June 14, 2008
Date Completed: August 30, 2008

Notes: Woo hoo! I’m finally done with this one! For some reason the sleeves are a bit wonkier than I wanted, but hopefully they’ll block out nicer. I used the pattern from Knitter’s Almanac as a guide, but changed it in so many ways! First of all, I used a finer gauge yarn than the pattern recommends, so I had to re-calculate the number of stitches to cast on. Then, I didn’t like the lace pattern in the body of the sweater because I thought it was too girly. So I decided to do the whole body in stockinette, except for the cable and eyelet panels in front. Then, instead of knitting the sleeves flat, as directed, I put the sleeve stitches on holders and knit them in the round at the end.

Overall I enjoyed making this item a lot, but probably won’t do it again in sock yarn because the stitches are so tiny that it felt like it took forever. I’m more of an instant gratification kind of girl!

I guess I should also mention that this was my very first sweater, ever, ever.

Here’s a closeup of the cable detail and the button band:

closeup of cable panels and button band
closeup of cable panels and button band

For the cable and eyelet panel, it is a panel of 15 stitches. The cable in the center is 9 stitches wide, and has a repeat of 12 rows. The crossings happened on row 5 and row 11. The cable is surrounded on each side by a single purl stitch and then the eyelet, and a decrease on the outside edges of each panel to compensate for the eyelet yarnover.

The sleeves were knit in the round to the cuffs, and then knit flat in garter stitch with decreases on the inside edge to form the shaping of the cuff. Since the sleeves are round and I had to knit back and forth on the cuff, for the wrong side rows I ended up knitting in the round from the inside to the edge. I hope that makes sense! I also think I should have been more patient and made the sleeves a tad bit longer. Oh well, I was really worried about not making my deadline! I probably won’t see the recipient very often ever again after tomorrow. (She’s the manager of our swim club and the pool closes for the season tomorrow, and she’s not returning next year because of the baby.)

I don’t know whether the baby who will wear this sweater is a boy or a girl. Whoever you are, I wish a safe and healthy arrival, and I know there are many people who love you and can’t wait to welcome you to this world. I hope someday I get to meet you.

Hugs and Kisses,

Overjoyed Knitter.

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