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    FO Report: Halloween Scarf

    Project Name: Halloween Scarf Source: Yarn Used: Various, but featuring Vitreous Humor, by Insubordiknit Needle Size: 13, for the eyeball yarn Date Started: June 2, 2009 Date Completed: June 9, 2009 Notes: I knit most of this scarf on my Singer Cord Knitter, so each cord went fairly quickly. The eyeball yarn cord was…

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  • FO Report: Almost February Baby Sweater

    Project Name: Almost February Baby Sweater Source: Knitter’s Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmermann Yarn Used: Lisa Souza Sock! Merino, Spumoni Needle Size: 2.25 mm Date Started: June 14, 2008 Date Completed: August 30, 2008 Notes: Woo hoo! I’m finally done with this one! For some reason the sleeves are a bit wonkier than I wanted, but…

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