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Too Distracting!

Dear Michael Phelps,

Congratulations on being able to achieve that which so many thought would never be done again. I am a fellow Marylander, and, with the exception of a minor dozing off incident last night, I have been watching you with most rapt attention and cheering you along.

But you see, Mr. Phelps, therein lies the problem. I have this deadline to meet. And with you being on TV nearly every night for a week now it has been hard to pay attention to what I need to do. I know you understand about making it to the finish line in time. Mine is next Sunday, and I’m never, ever going to make it if your races continue to be this exciting. I just can’t take it! I’ll never make it to the end this way.

So, do me a favor, and just knock that last one out of the park, ok? No more nail biters. I know you can do it. A nice, boring win for the last one would be ok. I’m rooting for you.

Thanks very much,

Nervous Knitter in Maryland

What Should I do?

baby sweater progress
baby sweater progress

I’m thinking at this point I should cut the yarn at the end of the row, pick up and do the sleeves, then go back and do the body. Maybe that way, I’ll have a better chance of having a completed object by next weekend? I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts. Please leave me your opinion!

Back to the knitting….

3 responses to “Too Distracting!”

  1. tata Avatar

    It’s great to witness the achievements of Michael Phelps, which will, no doubt, be talked about long after we are all gone. Just amazing, that man is!

    As for your sweater, I haven’t the foggiest. I’m enjoying watching it grow, though and think you are doing a fabulous job!

  2. Ruth in So. MD Avatar

    I vote for cutting the yarn and starting the sleeves if
    a) you’re worried you’ll run out of yarn
    b) you think that something new will make you knit faster
    c) you’re getting bored with what you’re doing.

    But don’t cut the yarn if:
    a) you’re close to being done with the body
    b) you hate to hide ends. (For me, sometimes this one overrules all of the above.)

    P.S. Love the new haircut!

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