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Why I HATE Winding Yarn…

Yarn on swift in a tangly mess

Is there some magic trick to winding yarn into a ball that I am missing?

The last several hanks I’ve tried to work with have been anything but neat. I’m always nervous when I take off the wrapper and untwist the hank and the lovely long loop of yarn is revealed. Lately, every hank I’ve gotten (different manufacturers and dyers even) has been messy on the inside side and all twisted up.

Forget trying to wind it up when it gets like this on my ball winder. I have to wind slowly, weaving the ball under and over the loops of yarn on the swift as I go. Inevitably, it gets hopelessly twisted at some point, and I wind up with a mess. It depends on the hank whether it happens near the beginning of the winding (which can take me days or weeks to fix) or near the end, which takes most of a day, even so.

It’s now nearly 5 p.m. here in Maryland. I’ve been winding this ball since about 1:00. I’m getting tired of this job always being such a job. Why can’t the hanks just be neatly wound, so that they ball up in minutes with the ball winder and swift? Why does this have to take all day?

Please don’t tell me it’s just me. I can’t handle hearing that right now. I’ve got to go lie down.

Happy Birthday, John! We’ll celebrate later, when the kids are asleep and my head is clear again.

Signing out from yarn hell….

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  1. cinders Avatar

    A BALL WINDER!!!! they’re really usefull. I do find some skeins do tangle on the swift though!

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