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Snow coming down, view from my porch

It’s snowing again! The snow from the other day only hung around for a couple of hours, but this one is hanging around a bit longer. You think I’d be knitting, but no, I’m working today. (Taking my lunch break, of course…) My kids are scheduled to only have a half day of school tomorrow, so if our county decides to do a delayed opening tomorrow, it means our school will be closed. If that happens, THEN maybe I can have my snowy knitting day. I’ve got my fingers crossed, and I’ll be wearing my jammies inside out tonight! (No, you’re never too old to dream.)

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  1. Ruth in So. MD Avatar

    Your snow pics look like mine. Here for four hours, then gone. At least so far it hasn’t canceled school. (Although a snowfall with several inches and a day off school wouldn’t be a bad thing!)

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