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Blankie Report

Ripple blanket in progress

I decided to shoot a quick photo of the blankie this morning… it is coming along nicely, eh? I really love how it looks, and especially how it feels. It is SO soft! I hope Miss Z. will like it.

Speaking of Miss Z, yesterday we had our annual holiday breakfast at work. We always do ours after the holidays since folks usually have leave and there are lots of other parties before the holidays to go to. Anyway, Miss Z. came to our party and brought her little baby and her young daughter along. The baby is just precious, as I knew she would be. But I have to say, for all she’s been through, Z. looks great! I took lots of pictures, but I don’t want to post one here because that would require getting permission from Miss Z., and I don’t want to tip her off about the blankie.

Except that she is a teeny bit tipped off. As I was leaving yesterday I popped in to see the boss and Miss Z. was still in there, chatting away. I had my coat on and my bag with me, and the blankie was peeking out of the top of the bag. Miss Z. peeked and said, “What is THIS? A scarf or a shawl? It’s so pretty!” She didn’t take it out of the bag so couldn’t really see what it was, but the color and various textures were visible. I said “Oh, it’s a blanke….” and left it at that. She said nothing else but I don’t think she caught on. At least I hope not… I guess we’ll see!

A Circle of Mittens…

hand knit mittens in various colors and sizes, arranged in a circle

So for some reason, my mom thinks I was ragging on the mittens she’s been knitting for everyone. Not so! Here’s a pic of some of them… Guess whose mittens are the purple ones??? On Sunday mom came over and we casted on for her felt hat. I hope she does ok with it… she didn’t quite get the concept of Magic Loop, but I think she will be ok eventually. She had a couple of rounds done before leaving on Sunday. Sigh… I sometimes wish I had a hat on the needles….


a quick little snow shower outside my door…

It’s stopped already, but this is what was happening outside of my door a little while earlier today. Yes, winter is finally here.

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  1. sarah Avatar

    oooh very pretty!! (blanket snow and mittens)

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