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Knit Night at Trish’s

Diana, knitting a garter stitch striped baby blanket

Just another quiet Saturday night at my house… I had a lovely afternoon of knitting with my buddy Rhoda, and then Diana and I sat and watched a movie this evening and knitted some more. Here she is, working on a garter stitch striped baby blanket for one of her teachers. She figures that if she does 5 rows a night, she’ll have 150 rows done in about a month, and then she’ll be able to tell how much bigger to make the blanket. I think she’s doing a great job! Her stitches are nice and even, and very much improved from her first project.

Me? I’m still knitting away on the brown ripple afghan. It’s looking good, and I think I can actually bump up my progress bar another notch tonight. More pics later this week.

Ciao for now… gotta get back to my knitting!

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