…and a lot of other stuff, too!

Just gotta say…

It’s done.

Rainbow striped baby blanket completed

Off to bed… story tomorrow. Diana went to bed with her pajamas on inside out and backwards. She’s hoping for a snow day. Secretly? Me too. Don’t tell her I said that.

2 responses to “Just gotta say…”

  1. Ruth Avatar

    Congrats, Trish!

    I’ve learned the lesson not to try a blanket like this just by watching you. Bulky yarn and big needles by all means.

    Anyway, it’s beautiful and your recipient will be sure to enjoy it!

  2. Emma Purl Avatar
    Emma Purl

    The edging looks GREAT – glad you didn’t take my advice not to do it!

    Keeping good thoughts for your friend….

    Your KnitBuddy

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