A Sock Story

Sock Finished, with cuff up

Sock Finished, with cuff up

Finished Sock, cuff down

Finished Sock, cuff down

This is it! The finished sock, in all its loose, holey glory. But hey, it’s my first, and my kid says she’ll wear it if I make the other one. Who knows? Maybe I will. I’m pretty proud of myself. Now I have this urge to know everything in the world there is to know about sock construction.

Here’s my project info, just in case I ever really do make the other one, and I need something to go back to.
Yarn: Wool of the Andes
Color: Amethyst Heather
Needles: Harmony, size 4
Pattern: Come to Silver Two at a Time Toe Up Socks (yeah I really only made one!)
Details: CO and did toe increases as in pattern. When toe increases were finished I knitted 36 rounds plain. Did short row heel as in pattern. Then over four rounds, increased on two rounds by four stitches each, for a total increase of 8 stitches. Then did 25 rows of 2×2 Rib. Used sewn bind off as in pattern.

Someday, it will have a mate.

Kauni Rainbows

Kauni Effektgarn

Yay! The postman smiled upon me today and brought my Kauni Effektgarn 8/2 yarn that I ordered from Astrid’s Dutch Obsessions last week. That was fast! I can’t wait to swatch. I of course got the Not only did they send me 6 150g balls of the beautiful yarn, but I also got a yummy sweet cookie, which lasted all of about 4 seconds. It was kind of like an ice cream cone all rolled up in sugar. Yum!

I am going to make Ruth’s Kauni Rainbow Cardigan, of course. Someone on Ravelry even gave me a link to an upsized version. Yay. It’s been done before and I don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

I wish I could get started, but there’s this brown ripple afghan calling my name. Sigh…

Just gotta say…

It’s done.

Rainbow striped baby blanket completed

Off to bed… story tomorrow. Diana went to bed with her pajamas on inside out and backwards. She’s hoping for a snow day. Secretly? Me too. Don’t tell her I said that.

WHEEEEEEEEEE! It’s Finally OFF the Needles!

Baby Blanket almost done

Yesterday was a very happy knitting day, indeed. The fall chill is definitely in the air, the leaves are dropping, and it was the first day of Standard Time, which though I dread the early nights it is nice to see the sun again in the mornings. My friend Steve came over and he had a pile of long-neglected paperwork with him. For some reason, he says he does better getting his stuff done at my house. That sitting in the company of someone is an incentive to get the task done.

Well, I think I do know what he means. While he was sitting at my kitchen table writing away, I sat nearby, finishing the last row and then doing the bind off for my long-suffering rainbow stripey baby blanket. Yes, there were many days when I was certain that this project would just NEVER get done. Of course, I have all those ends to weave in, but a good friend has volunteered to come over and help. Yay! I’m still trying to decide whether this blanket needs a border. Opinions, anyone? I’m thinking the blue color, since the baby is a boy. (I originally picked the rainbow because the MOM loves bright colors, and the gender of the baby was unknown at the time.)

It’ll be a relief to start a new project. I’m planning some baby hats for a co-worker (a different one!). Then it will be time to make a hat for my mom and a new one for me. Then, I’m tackling mittens. But wait… I’m getting ahead of myself…

Why, Oh WHY Is the Last Stripe SOOO Hard?

rainbow stripey blanket in progress

Ugh. For some reason, I’m dragging this blanket out into foreverdom. I don’t know why! It’s not like I DON’T want to be done with it; trust me, I do. I have lots of hats I want to knit! I think it must be all of the ends that need to be woven in, and the border I want to crochet on. Egad, how I hate finishing! (insert whine here)

So, slowly but surely I am plugging away. Five rows to go. Then the bind off. And all. Those. Ends. I think it’ll take another month.


Cool Stuff I Found on the ‘Net

  • The Any Yarn, Any Size Knit Hat Book–this book is finally available as a PDF download. It has SO many cute hat designs, if you love hats you won’t be able to pass it up.
  • Magic Loop Video–by the Knit Witch. This has to be the most clear example of how to do the Magic Loop technique that I have ever seen. Check it out!