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trish knitting a baby hat and new hairdo

Ok, usually I hate putting pics of myself on the blog, but do you see the look of absolute GLEE on my face? You wanna know where that look comes from? That’s me, NOT knitting a baby blanket! I’m doing a teeny, newborn sized baby hat in Knit Picks Shine with a brand new pair of Harmony needles. I love the yarn, which I already knew, but the needles are just perfect for it! Shine can be just a touch slippery so I do prefer to work with it on wooden needles. But because it is also cotton, it doesn’t have a huge amount of give, so the needles are *just* slippery enough to be a good fit for the yarn.

The pattern is the Flower Power baby hat in Knitty. Can you say totally CUUUUUUTE? It is a quick knit with two strands of yarn held together and I actually thought I might finish it today, but tomorrow, for sure. Can’t wait to post a pic.

The other reason why I’m looking giddy? I finally got a decent haircut and spent the money to do some highlights. Wednesday is my 15th wedding anniversary and I’m tired of looking 42 and drab. Ok, so I still look drab for now with no makeup and the icky Sunday ’round the house sweatshirt, but I do feel brightened up.

Yesterday L. from KnitTalk came over and do you know what? She sat on my sofa and wove in my ends on my baby blanket! I still can’t believe that someone would come over and do such a thankless job. While she was here my DD continued her knitterly ways and knit up another small project. The new skill gained in doing the “Amulet Bag” was purling, as the item was knit in a ribbed pattern.

After the weaving of ends was completed, L. then showed me the secrets of Mattress Stitch. I can’t believe after all this time that I have not understood and mastered this. But this was one thing I needed to see in action to understand how it is done. And, if I can whine for a second, part of that problem, I think, is not having decent access to a LYS where I can consult with an expert and learn what I need to know. Yes there are shops around but most are not wheelchair accessible. I hate that. A new shop opened up near my mom’s house too, and I was looking forward to going there, but it, too, is not wheelchair friendly. Someday I’ll have a million dollars and open my own shop where all will be welcome. Sigh.

After the sewing lesson I then got a lesson in weaving in my ends as I go, so I never have another issue where I have a bazillion ends to weave in at the end. The method that L. used was not compatible with the way I hold my yarn while knitting, so I watched very closely what was happening with the yarn as she knit, and figured out a way to make it work for myself. So, yet another skill learned. Yay!


Principles of Knitting book cover

While L. was here yesterday who should show up but my wonderful postman, and what did he bring? THE BOOK. Principles of Knitting by June Hemmons-Hiatt. Knitters in the know, know what the “street value” of this book is. I, of course, was not going to pay that. Not by a long shot. But I am not the type who can scour used book stores and yard sales, and none of our bookstores are actually old enough that they might actually have an out of print book on the shelves. (I did hear of someone who actually found one in a bookstore within the last year or so, but it would have had to be on the shelves for a very long time.) So, I did compromise a little, but mostly in the area of patience. I have been waiting and searching for over a year until I was able to get one where the price was right for me.

Of course, this is an “old school” knitting book where the author is somewhat rigid in her beliefs as to how things “must” be done with knitting. Since then of course, the knitting explosion has occurred and set just about all of the rules on their ears. So, I accept the snootiness with a grain of salt in favor of the unbelievable amount of knowledge this tome has to offer. I am very glad to at last have this reference on my shelf.

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