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Ok, I Caved…

Shine Yarn

Ok, on Monday, I caved and bought yarn. Not just a little yarn. A LOT of yarn. What was I thinking??

I bought TWO balls of every available color of KnitPicks Shine yarn. When I make hats, I like to have lots of colors at my fingertips so I can have the option to do fun and funky designs. I want to make a stack of baby hats for a co-worker, and also a cotton cap for my mom, who is going through chemo and needs a hat, but everything is itchy to her. I think this yarn will be just the thing.

Of course to go with the yarn I had to get a couple pairs of KnitPicks Harmony needles to go with it. I got two pairs of size 4, so I can have the option to do more than one project at once. I noticed while ordering that many of the needle tip sizes are already on backorder. I can’t wait to receive mine. I got an email yesterday saying my box had been shipped so it will be fun.

I’m working hard to finish my rainbow baby blanket so I can move on with a clean conscience. I still am working on the very last stripe, then I have to weave in all those ends! I am planning also to add a blue border, to help make the blankie a little more boyish for the recipient. Boy, will I be glad to be done… I can’t WAIT to get started on my hats!

Happy Birthday, Dad. I miss you.

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