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I’m In with the In Crowd!

Wow! At about this time yesterday, after more than two months of waiting, I finally received my Ravelry invitation! I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of all that this wonderful tool can do. It has a way to help you catalog and track your projects, track your stash, catalog your books, needles and other tools, and share in projects with others who might be working on the same thing.

A quick search showed me that there are about 5 other people so far who are from my town that are Ravelry members. I don’t know any of them, except one girl who I know I went to college with, but I don’t think she remembers me. Maybe I will contact them and suggest a knit-in at our local Borders. There is actually a Borders group that meets on Wednesday nights but I can’t go, so I’m looking for some Saturday people.

Adorable Hats!

I just got the book Itty Bitty Hats this week. This book is adorable! I definitely will be making a few things from the book. Did I mention that ANOTHER co-worker is expecting? There’s no way I can do another baby blanket. But, I do hope that a few cute baby hats will do the trick. Wish me luck! I might even get to reuse some of my yarn from the baby blanket, but instead, I think I sense some balls of KnitPicks Shine coming my way. (Yes, they are calling me!)

I had an absolutely great time knitting with Rhoda this weekend. Guess what she brought for show and tell? The new KnitPicks Harmony Needles! Ooooooh my! They certainly are pretty! I hope I can restrain myself all the way until Christmas! Kelley, what have you done to me now?? We enjoyed a pizza for lunch and then knitted while listening to some of my favorite podcasts. Then the power went out. For no reason at all, I might add. Go figure.

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  1. Jessi Avatar

    Ahh, come on Trish you know you want those pretty new Harmony needles. I caved and bought them. I have no self restraint. Plus, my birthday was Sept. 7th and I got $80 from my sister and her boyfriend. So that’s where my B-Day money went. I hope I get them today.

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