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She Did It!

Diana is wearing her completed pink scarf

Yay, Diana! She finally finished her first-ever scarf the other day and is posing for the camera. She kept asking me, “Do I HAVE to smile?” Though she did actually want to do the photo, even if the photo makes her look like an unwilling participant.

She used two strands of pink fingering yarn, held together throughout. They were two different shades of pink. I don’t remember what yarn, as she started the project TWO years ago and immediately discarded the ball bands. Oh well. She learned to knit in October of 2005 (I think!) thanks to assistance from Genia. She’s already cast on again for an iPod cozy, made with some balls of KnitPicks Shine Sport that I had laying around. It’s based on the pattern in the Stitch n Bitch book but we’re customizing it to fit her Nano, which is smaller than the case that the original pattern calls for. I can’t help secretly hoping that she is getting the knitting bug, so I won’t be alone in my house anymore, haha! (My five-year-old says he would like to knit too, but I know he’s not patient enough yet, so we’ll see if he wants to in a few years’ time.)

Meanwhile …

rainbow stripey blanket in progress again

I’m still knitting away on my rainbow stripey baby blanket. I’m about to embark on a long road trip so I hope that by the time I return it will be about as big as it’s going to get. I am getting lots of compliments every time I get caught knitting in public with this thing, so I guess that’s a good sign. I’m thinking I should also bring something smaller along to knit on while waiting in lines and such. But then again… that would risk getting distracted by another project at a time when I can’t afford losing interest in this one. Oh, help!

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  1. Bonnie Avatar

    This is beautiful, Trish! What yarn did you use? And, is that the mistake rib stitch?

  2. […] Just another quiet Saturday night at my house… I had a lovely afternoon of knitting with my buddy Rhoda, and then Diana and I sat and watched a movie this evening and knitted some more. Here she is, working on a garter stitch striped baby blanket for one of her teachers. She figures that if she does 5 rows a night, she’ll have 150 rows done in about a month, and then she’ll be able to tell how much bigger to make the blanket. I think she’s doing a great job! Her stitches are nice and even, and very much improved from her first project. […]

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