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Knittin’ with Rhoda

fingerless gloves made with sock yarn

Hi again! Today I had a really nice visit with my knit buddy, Rhoda, who has been recovering from foot surgery. It was the first time we’ve seen each other since before Memorial Day, which is saying a lot because we’ve been getting together to knit every couple of weeks for about a year now. I often complain that I don’t get out much and don’t have much contact with the knitting community other than in cyberspace. Rhoda is my one really big exception and it is a wonderful one, to just sit and knit. Sure there is always a bit of show and tell, and sharing of resources. Today, she brought a copy of “Creative Knitting” Magazine (why I have not yet subscribed to this one, I don’t know, but I LOVE it!) and I had the Fall issue of “Knit Simple” (which I am finding increasingly underwhelming) and the Summer issue of “Interweave Knits“. (I am dying to receive the fall issue, which I hope will be coming soon!)

LOOK what Rhoda brought me! Six weeks of recuperation from surgery meant lots of knitting time, I guess! And she brought me these adorable fingerless gloves! The pattern is Steph’s Sock Yarn Fingerless Gloves, and the yarn is Knitpicks Dancing. They are cotton, wool, nylon and elastic, which means they are warm, but not too warm, and despite the fact that they look small they are very stretchy. This is the kind of thing that is great to wear on a morning that is chilly but not freezing, and LOOK! There’s purple in them! Thank you, Rhoda!!

While we sat and knat, we listened to Cast On, which continued the Camp for grownups theme, and to Lime & Violet, which had us laughing, but I did have to be careful that my 5-year-old wasn’t in the room!

I did also re-purchase the Jordana Paige Satchel in Grape. I can’t wait for it to get here!!

I may be a bit out of touch this week, but I’ll try to provide a blankie update by Friday. Ciao for now!

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  1. Kathie Avatar

    I love your fingerless gloves… really beautiful knitting, sigh…..I will have to see if I can figure out the magic loop method.

  2. AlisonH Avatar

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