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Square Two

closeup of trinity stitch in orange yarn

So if you’ve been following along since last month, you’ll know that I’m doing a rainbow-y bright baby blanket for my co-worker, who’s expecting her first bundle of joy. So for my second square of the project, I’ve chosen trinity stitch. This is a stitch that I’ve read about but had never tried before.

Visually, I love this stitch. But I am finding it slow going and hard on my shoulders and hands. I think it’s the p3tog part that’s making it tough. I’m already trying to decide what Square Three is going to be, and I have so many choices in front of me at the moment that I can’t decide!

Crochet Mystery

When I was younger, my grandmother gave me a crochet pattern for a shell stitch afghan that looked like this:

crochet shell stitch swatch

I’ve always adored this pattern, but can no longer crochet. What I’m wondering is, can this be emulated with knitting? It alternates shells with single crochet stitches in the first row. On the second row, you put a single crochet into the shell and a crochet “V” into the single crochet from row one, which has the effect of putting a straight edge of stitches above the shells. Then you repeat those two rows, and in the end, you get vertical columns of shells with lacy “V’s” in between. Hmmmm.

This was my favorite pattern back then, back in the days when I was a crocheter. I am not a crocheter now. It hurts too much. I even had sore hands after making this little example swatch. The first of these afghans was for a college boyfriend (nobody ever told me about the knitter’s boyfriend curse; I guess it applies to crocheters too!) And then a few years later I made three more. And I GAVE THEM ALL AWAY! I have no examples of this beautiful pattern. I now am much better about making some things for myself. Everything I ever made when I was younger is pretty much gone. Except for a shell stitch bedspread I made for another college boyfriend, not the same pattern. Luckily that time the curse was broken and my now-husband brought it with him to our married home. (Married 14 years and counting, and we still have that blanket.) But, I digress.

So, I’d be really grateful for any sage advice from some knit and crochet experts, that can help me figure this one out, and try to reclaim something that recalls my favorite design from my past.

Snow Day!

light snow on the lawn

Ok, I know all you people suffering up North are going to laugh at this one. But everything was shut down around town today because of this teeny amount of gunk on the ground. But the thing is, it’s mostly sleet and freezing rain, and frankly, folks around DC don’t know how to handle it. The ice is supposed to get worse overnight and I’m secretly praying that my kids’ school will be closed tomorrow so I don’t have to go out in this crud. But shhhh! Don’t tell them I feel that way! Sleep well, and stay warm and safe.

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