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A Closer Look…

closeup of cable plait and double moss stitch

My last picture of this stitch pattern didn’t do it justice at all. I guess it was the hot pink on the red background that distorted everything and made it hard to photograph. So here it is again. I’ve had lots of waiting around to do over the last couple of days, so I’ve gotten some progress made on the thing. Whatcha’ think?

In Today’s Inbox

Somebody on one of my mailing lists posted the following blog today:

The Walker Treasury Project

The focus is for contributers to knit swatches that represent the stitch patterns in Barbara Walker’s Treasuries. (See my library page for links to purchase each one via Amazon.) It’s fun to see all the swatches in color, but I have to say that I am wondering whether there are any possible copyright issues involved. Still, it’s fun to see the stitches with today’s photography rather than the somewhat murky black and white photos in the actual books. I’ll have fun checking back to this blog on occasion.

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