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Santa hat in progress

Merry, Merry! Today was a good knitterly day. I did enjoy watching the kids opening their piles of loot and squealing with glee. It was fun watching their excitement!

I’ve been making steady progress on my Santa-style stocking cap. As predicted, it was not finished in time. But you can easily see now the progression of the cables and spirals. Just today I started the decreases section, which happens very slowly to create the long, long shape. I still have more than 100 rows to go! Ack! I guess I’ll be wearing this one NEXT Christmas. But, I’ll be sure to model it for the blog before I put it away! (smile!)

I actually received a couple of knitting gifts today, too! I asked for and received (thanks, DH!) the KnitPicks KIPer Knitting Bag Set. It contains three separate knitting project bags, each with handles and a strap, of varying sizes, And a purse, also with a strap, that connects to each bag in a unique way. The purse has a handy organizer on the inside for credit cards, cell phone, etc., and there’s also a little zipper case, for knitting tools. So, depending on what size of knitting project I’m working on, I choose a bag, snap on the purse, and throw in the tool bag. Cool! I’ll admit that the attachment system gave me a bit of a fit at first, but then my husband discovered a little trick for latching and unlatching the attachments. I think I am going to love this bag!

I also received the 2007 Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar from my inlaws. I haven’t browsed it yet but I can’t wait!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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