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Toasty Toes

purple crocheted slipper

Yesterday when I arrived at work my co-worker Michele surprised me with these! Hand crocheted with love, and purple! (of course…)

The fit is very comfortable and she did a great job of guessing my size. I can tell that when winter comes I am going to get lots of use out of these! I will have no excuse for cold feet any longer.

Thanks, Michele!! You’re the best!

This past fall I helped Michele as she learned to knit. I introduced her to the craft and she took to it quickly and has already made many beautiful things. I’m glad that knitting has renewed her interest in crocheting and expanded her interest in trying other wonderful crafts. Most of all, I love having the occasion to be a beneficiary of her efforts!! <smile> These purple slippers did make my day yesterday.

KnitPicks Options Photo Essay

Knitpicks options needle case

Yesterday when we got home from work, we discovered that my birthday gift from DH and kids finally arrived! Yes, I’m on the KnitPicks Options Bandwagon! The kit contains needles in sizes 4 to 11, with other sizes available. I haven’t knit with them yet, but can’t wait to start. Here’s a photo of the snazzy needle case.

Kit open, showing needles

Here’s a shot of the case laying open, with the needle pouches visible. Of course I had to go and order the needle sizer immediately, because I took all of the needles off their shipping card so quickly that I may have mixed them up! Perhaps it is my only complaint so far that the needles are not marked in any way.

needle tipsHere’s a pic of the needle tips. I do love them though some people have complained that the neelde tips can feel a bit sharp. I think I’m going to like them; they fit well in my hand.

Demonstrating putting the needles together

Here Diana demonstrates inserting the tightening key when putting the needles together. She needs a manicure! I can see myself losing the “key” because it is tiny but it is about the width of a sturdy paper clip. Notice of course that the cables are purple!!

Seriously, I can’t wait to knit with these babies. They are so light and fit so nicely in my hand. I can only hope that they’ll work as nicely as I think they will. Yay!

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