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Shimmer-y Update

Summer weight shawl in progress

Does it look bigger yet? I was surely hoping it would, as I have been knitting away at this thing, hoping it would eventually grow up to be a shawl. I think I still must be months out from completion. What’s a girl to do? Given that I have such “Knitting ADD,” I wonder if this project ever will see completion, or whether it will just land on my ever-growing pile of UFOs. I need to start a UFO gallery! It would be WAY bigger than my Finished Objects Gallery. But I do have a couple of things to add to the FO gallery, in fairness to myself. I just noticed that the other day. Nothing major, mind you, but at least one scarf and some hats. Whoop-dee-doo.

So, I’m sitting here praying that it doesn’t rain tomorrow. Yeah, right. They’ve been predicting it all week, but I can hope, can’t I? Thursday night is knit night at the pool and last week was the first time anyone ever joined me. And then, tomorrow, if I’m lucky, a couple other people will join me, too! How cool would that be, to spend a glorious evening knitting with friends? Cross your fingers with me that we don’t get thunderstorms and that the humidity stays low. Yeah, right. It’s July in DC. Don’t put your money on it!

I’m turning 41 on Friday! Going out with the “gal” cousins to a Japanese steak house. I wasn’t looking forward to my birthday before this, really. This year is my mom’s year for the “milestone” birthday (hers is the day before mine) so we’re celebrating hers in a big way on Saturday and while I’m glad for that, I’m also glad that because of it we weren’t doing much for me. Last year at my big “40” celebration was the last time I ever saw my dad looking half well, and on his own two feet. Things went downhill fast after that. So last year was a great time, but also bittersweet. So, I’m glad the cousins are going out. All women, no kids, no distractions. Yay! Sounds like it’s going to be a good birthday after all.

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