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Snow Day!

view of my snowy front yard

Maybe I’m not a Totally Obsessed Knitter. Today we awoke to a foot of snow outside, and I only managed to knit about six rows on my scarf project. (See February 9th’s entry.) I intended to knit, and thought surely I would, given that the storm knocked our cable out for most of the day, and therefore, I had no access to TV or the internet. But I had bought ingredients for homemade beef vegetable soup yesterday in preparation for a snow day, and spent the entire day chopping, chopping, chopping… and then I dropped the glass lid to the crockpot in a thunderous crash that sent chunks of glass all OVER the kitchen floor… yuck! So much for a serene afternoon. But the soup was Yummy! Served with warm Challah bread (not homemade!) and soft butter. What a feast for the soul on a snowy day.

Schools are closed tomorrow so maybe I’ll get some knitting done then while looking after my 9-year-old, Diana. Of course I brought some work home with me as well, so we’ll see.

My Knitting Book Collection Keeps Getting Bigger

Knit Ponchos Wraps and Scarves

Well, just before the storm hit yesterday, I was greeted by a box from Amazon on my front porch. In it were several knitting books. (Why oh why do I need even more?) I’ve only looked at them briefly, but I will describe three of them here.

The first is Knit Ponchos, Wraps and Scarves, by Jane Davis. I haven’t looked at this book in great detail yet, but the designs are lvoely, and there is even a section on Cables, which are my favorite thing to do in knitting. A couple of the scarf designs are very lovely and I think I may give them a try someday.

Scarves, a knitter's dozen

As usual, the “Knitter’s Dozen” series of books never fails to disappoint. With, “Scarves: A Knitter’s Dozen,” I can hardly decide which one to make first. The Buttonhole Scarf is just yummy, the 3-Color Garter scarf is a simple concept where the possibilities are practically endless. I love the drape of the Waterfall Scarf, and Do-Be-Do is just gorgeous. Carmen takes the ruffled scarf to a whole new level, in such a way that I might actually be inspired to make one. The Sock Scarf is silly, but if you’re a sock knitter, it might be just the thing, and the Pocket Scarf looks warm and cozy. Finally, the Cables in Cashmere scarf and the Shaped Ascot are just stunning. I didn’t mention them all here, but those are my favorites. I hardly know which one to make first. (After I finish the poncho, of course!)

Ponchos and Wraps, a Knitter's Dozen

The third I’m going to talk about today is Ponchos and Wraps: A Knitter’s Dozen. I must admit that I am not gushing over this one to the same degree that I like the scarves book. A few of the designs look like ACTUAL 70s ponchos, and I have no real desire to knit them. But then there is the lovely Waterfalls wrap, Sleeves in your Pi, Dramatic Drape Update, and the Anthracite Shawl. So many patterns, so little time. I guess time will tell which book I dive into first, and with which design. Of course a whole pile of UFOs is mocking me, so we’ll see. Sometimes, I think half the fun of all these books is the dreaming….

Until next time…

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