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latifa scarf progress

I’m a little bummed. I’ve been wanting to blog all week, but I kept asking myself, “How many photos of the same old scarf can I possibly show?” So I put it off as long as possible. The thing is that I think I must be the slowest knitter ever in the universe! I do love this scarf and I love the way it feels in my hands as I knit it. But I know it will take a LLLLOOOOONG time to finish. So, I’ll try to break up my entries with other stuff from time to time… I don’t want to leave you all bored silly!!

As you can see I finished the fourth color block and am now starting back on block one. Which makes me feel great anyway, because anybody who knows me well knows that purple is my most favoritest color in the whole wide world! I even have a leather bomber jacket which my co-worker PJ says gives me away as a true “80s girl,” which is the actual exact same color as the purple color block on this scarf. How cool is that? So there, an incentive to get it done.

Hopefully at the end of this week I can post reviews of four more books… I’m already on a yarn moretorium, and now I probably should go on a knitting book diet as well. But I had some Amazon gift certificates ready to expire, and well, what’s a girl to do? Stay tuned…

And no, I’m not joinging the Knitting Olympics. I’d come in dead last.

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