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Latifa Beginnings

Striped knitted scarf purple gray and pink

Well, I started my Latifa scarf about a week or so ago, and I am loving it! Sure the garter stitch is boring as all get out, but the yarn is so soft I hardly care! Haha! It is knitting bliss. I’m using KnitPicks Andean Treasure for the color blocks, and some Morehouse Merino in a varigated oolorway for the ruffles. I might actually do a ruffle or two before I get to the end, just to break up the monotony. I know I probably should weave in the ends as I go, too… but don’t we all hate that part? I’m just hoping all those ends don’t delay me in finishing this beauteous scarf!

What else to tell? My friend Carrie is knitting!! How cool is that? Just started yesterday, and already she reports that her scarf is over a foot long! Yay! I am so proud of her for being able to pick it up so quickly. I’m always grateful when a friend finally understands for herself my total obsession with this craft! Yay! Another convert…

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