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Diane’s Hat Again

Felted hat with partially completed hat band

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not tired yet of looking at this hat! Once again, it photographed more blue than teal, but the shade is very lovely. I toyed with doing a hat band of the blue and green yarns that made up the shade in some sort of color block pattern, but in the end I wasn’t happy with that so I settled on this gray yarn and I’m doing a mistake rib pattern to give it some texture. I likey! Of course I find knitting the hat bands to be quite tedious, but I do think they add something to my finished product so that’s why I do them. I think this is turning out to be my favorite hat so far. Next I want to learn entrelac so I can do some sort of entrelac pattern on the crown section before the decreases… but I’m getting ahead of myself. There’s still the matter of Alison’s poncho, of course.

And the Icing…

blue rhinestone brooch

And then I bought this lovely pin from an Ebay seller today, and it’s going you-know-where… on Diane’s hat, of course!! The original pin I had purchased a long time ago turned out to be “too green” for the job. Perhaps I will find another project that suits that one well. But I hope the pin gets here soon so that the hat will be completely finished. And, yay! I actually got it done before winter is over.

Now, back to the poncho…

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