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Lots of Knitting, But No Posting

carrie modeling scarfWell, hello all… sorry I haven’t written in weeks but I vowed this morning not to let a whole month go by, so here I am! Let’s see if I can get caught up on all that is happening in my knitting world.

First, as you can see, I did finish the scarf for my friend Carrie, and in the nick of time! I think I wove in the last end just an hour prior to her arrival. It’s made from purple shades of Lion Brand Suede and Lion Brand Color Waves, and overall, I’m happy with the results! I’m still not a fluffy-scarf-on-big-needles girl, but once in a while, a quick project is a good thing!

The Best Bag Ever

black leather bagA few weeks ago there was a lovely woman setting up a vending table in the lobby of my office building and she was setting out purses galore. I had my eye on a hot pink handbag for some reason, and was sorely tempted for a brief few minutes. (Who, me? I don’t carry a purse, really.) And then she brought out… THIS… BAG. Since I happened to be carrying along a big project that day, jammed into a too-small tote, I saw the possibilities immediately. It’s leather, lined on the inside, and unbelievably roomy!! My projects fit in it very nicely! It even has zippered pockets on the sides for smaller doo-dads so they don’t get lost, and a zippered closure at the top, which is good since I’m prone to dumping my project bag on a regular basis. And the price was great too! Yes, this is bag nirvana.

Diana’s New Hat

Diana with knitting project on her headMy lovely daughter, Diana, decided last year that she wanted a “grown up” hat made from my favorite pattern, Fiber Trends AC-1. I love this pattern because it goes quickly and looks like a lot of work when it isn’t!! I’m making it with KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, which I’ve never done before, so I guess I’ll find out soon how well it felts! When finished I will also add a light pink hat band and finish it off with a lovely multi-colored butterfly pin. Yes, I’m hoping this will be a thing of beauty. It was Diana’s idea, by the way, to “model” the hat for the picture… I’m glad she’s getting our own warped sense of humor at such an early age!

The hat in progressAnd here is a photo of the hat in progress as of this morning. I have futzed with the size and numbers of stitches called for in the pattern since the full-sized adult hat is a wee bit big for Diana yet. So far I think the shaping is nice and I’m hopeful that if it does felt well, we’ll have a lovely new hat! Wish me luck!

By the way, for those of you who might be wondering, I decided not to post a photo of the poncho in progress this time, because despite the fact that I am still busily working on it, it still looks very much the same in all of its pictures. Maybe by the end of the week there will be enough of a difference to post about.

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