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Genny’s Hat!

Genny, modeling hatThis is Genny! She’s my cousin from “Heidy-Ho,” as she calls it. Almost two years ago I showed her a picture of my purple hat, and she asked me to make her one. Well, it was about 9 or 10 months later before she actually had it, but I did it! And I finally got the photo in the mail today. And doesn’t she look lovely? You can’t see it in the photo, but the hat has a plaited cable hat band made with ivory colored lopi. (Here’s a photo of the hat band in progress.) So pretty! This is my most favorite hat I’ve made to date. I used Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride in two shades of medium brown, and the Fiber Trends AC-1 hat pattern. I love this pattern because it’s super-easy and the hats are versatile and easy to embellish and folks think it’s very fussy and fancy! My next one will be a bright pink smaller version for my daughter, with a garter stitch hat band and rainbow butterfly pin. Sweet!

Will I Be Done in Time?

purple scarfOk, the purple scarf is getting longer, but time is getting short! I decided since the last time I wrote that this scarf would go to my buddy Carrie, who is as passionate about purple as I am. Carrie lives in Denver, but this week, she’s HERE! And we’re getting together at my house on Saturday. Yay! I am knitting as fast as I can so the scarf will be done in time!

Poncho Update

Here’s the latest pic:

Alison's poncho

Round and Round and Round she goes… where she stops… sigh. It is a bit bigger, isn’t it? Some weeks it doesn’t feel like it. I can’t wait until the day when it is finally done and Alison can wear this beautiful poncho. Til then, I am knitting away! This week I demonstrated the technique of cabling without a cable needle to a coworker who was watching me knit at lunch time. She said she had no idea something that looks so hard could really be so easy. She’s a brand new knitter and I will have loads of fun showing her the world of knitting during our wintertime lunch hour in the conference room.

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