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    Starting is… hard.

    I don’t know what it is with me and my knitting. I am the queen of false starts. I am wanting to make another gift shawl. Since I am working on my own Color Affection, I knew this time I wanted to do something different. So, I opted for Taygete, a shawl by Romi Hill.…

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    An Unimaginable Gift

    Today I received the most amazing gift from a friend. I won’t beat around the bush about it; I will just jump right in and introduce you to Catherine Eliza: But, she has a back story. (You knew she would, didn’t you?) Twenty years ago, when I was newly married, I was an avid Barbie…

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  • Senior Photos

    Just have to share the senior portraits of my very lovely daughter:

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    Lots to Update

    Wow. So it’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged. Not much going on really, except that it’s summer, and that means there are kid activities and family events to attend and even a quick weekend away, though I would not exactly call it a vacation. More on that part later. But suffice it to…

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    Shawl Update

    Because you needed one: I’m about halfway through the second section of my new Color Affection shawl. I’m making friends with the green now, which I think I knew I would. I always have to second-guess myself about something. But, I think this one will work out fine. This shawl so far seems to be…

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    Shawl Progress

    I don’t feel like writing a whole lot tonight, but I just wanted to show off my shawl progress: I’ve been knitting like crazy this week and finally was able to start the second color. Now, I’m questioning the wisdom of my color choices. The green, when not in this light, looks a little boogery.…

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